How To Solve Wi-Fi Connection Issue With Xiaomi Roborock S50


We were searching all over the internet and noticed that US consumers who bought Xiaomi Roborock have some issues with connecting the robot to Wi-Fi.

Why does it happen and how to solve it?

We hope Xiaomi will fix the issue with the US server sooner or later but for now what you can do with that?

When the US consumer is trying to connect the Roborock to Wi-Fi, nothing happens. For some reasons, they can't get the vacuum's latest firmware which makes the robot almost useless at this point.

There is an option to make the robot works the way it should work. When choosing the needed region in Xiaomi Mi Home App - go with the European or Chinese server (if you understand Chinese though). Once you change the server, you get the newest updates and everything works just great. Now you can use the app and all its features.

We hope it does help you. Enjoy your life with Xiaomi Roborock.

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