Roborock Released Its Newest Robot Vacuum, The Roborock E4 (Under $300)

Meet the newest E Series robot vacuum, the Roborock E4.

It is gyroscrope-guided which means it does not miss a spot when cleaning. You can track it's movements in real-time by using the app.

The same as other models in the Series, the E4 has carpet boost. It boosts suction when recognizes carpeted surface for most efficient cleaning.

It is 10% faster than its predecessors which means it covers more for the same time.

Because of having detachable side tips, the cleaning brush is easy to clean so the robot is ideal for pet owners and those who have long hair.

The robot delivers 2,000 Pa and can climb an obstacle up to 20 mm / 0.79 in tall.

In mopping mode, you can set water level output depending on cleaning tasks and this is the big upgrade over the Roborock Xiaowa E3.

A large 5,200 mAh battery provides up to 180 minutes of cleaning. Under the lid there is a 640 ml dustbin with a washable HEPA filter which means the Roborock E4 is safe for allergy sufferers.

There is voice assistant support.

If the robot doesn't finish cleaning on one cycle, it returns to the dock to recharge and then resumes cleaning.

You can buy the Roborock E4 on Amazon for $242.99.


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