iRobot Braava Jet 240 vs. 380t vs. M6: The Difference Between Mopping Robots

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The Braava 240 Jet, 380t and M6 are mopping robots only meaning that they`re not meant to be used to vacuum the floors. All of them have a dry or dusting mode, they all go a really good job at mopping floors. Let's talk about the differences:

Braava 240 jet

The Braava 240 Jet is the cheapest of them, it has a 150 ml internal water tank. After filling it with water, you attach the included mopping pad depending on the cleaning needs. The pad is read by the robot and it automatically adjusts the water spray amount depending on which pad was inserted. In dry mode, it follows a back-and-forth path and gets tougher stand in fewer passes than any robot vacuum. It is the only model that has a vibrating head. According to iRobot, the Braava 240 covers about 150 sqft in mopping and mode, and 350 sqft in dusting mode. The robot has sensors that recognize carpets and rugs so it will not go there. the battery is removable. 

iRobot claims the Braava 240 gets 180 minutes on a single charge but take note, it takes longer to cover an area in mopping mode. It took almost double the time (compared to a typical robot vacuum) to finish the room (60 minutes).

Braava 380t

It is a middle-tier option. Thanks to a bigger battery, the robot is capable of cleaning a larger area than the 240 but at the same time, you will have to dock it manually. The company claims, this robot covers an extra 50 sqft of coverage over the 240 in mopping mode. They both share the same navigation algorithm. Instead of using the sprayer to shoot water in front of the mopping path, the 380t uses a detachable mopping plate. That has a water reservoir on top where the water just soaks into the pad at a fixed rate.

One advantage with the 380t over the others is that since there is no sprayer. There`s no spray adjustment system that`s connected to the type of pads that you use. So you can pretty much use any kind of microfiber material. In other words, the three ADT has the biggest upside with regard to operational costs.

Braava jet m6

It is the newest and most advanced Braava. It returned to the water spray method and got a removable water tank. The pads are disposable and reusable. With the app, you can dial the amount of water you want it to spray and the robot follows a different path than the other two. It also no longer uses a vibrating head. Other than that, it is very similar to the Braava 240, it has the same top tier mopping ability. 

The m6 is the only robot here with mapping that is able to clean systematically room by room. It has iRobot's ImPring technology, keep out zones and also room select which allows telling the robot to clean this particular room. In tandem with other Roombas that support this technology, you can get your floors vacuumed and mopped. 

Another advantage is the automatic recharge and resumption. 

Some issues you might notice with all Braavas

All Braavas are bad at crossing over even very low transitions. This is because they are programmed not to go over carpets and rugs.

Another thing is when the pad gets too dirty. In this case, the robot going to leave streaks. Only when the pad is too dirty though.


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