ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 960 The AI Powered Robot Vacuum

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The DEEBOT OZMO 960 was released about a year ago and now it is available to buy on Amazon. It is the first AI-powered robot vacuum that is not only smart but also does a good job at mopping and sweeping. 

What is good about this model? The 960 took everything the previous models had and added some new features.

Main features of the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 960:

The OZMO 960 is equipped with Lidar and a camera to recognize objects on the floor and it surprisingly works fine. In addition to the features we know about (room recognition, zoned cleaning, no-go zones), now you can see the objects on the map when the robot finished cleaning.

Compared to the previous Ozmo 950, the 960 has 100 minutes of battery life (vs. 200 min), which means if you live in a bigger house, the robot will need to recharge before completely finishing the cleaning cycle. Also, the new model has the strongest suction among all DEEBOTs. 

It not only does a good job at picking up debris but also tangling (actually not tangling) hair and deep carpet cleaning. The dustbin is rather small, it holds 460 ml of dust but the water tank is relatively big (280 ml).

The robot is good at sweeping but not as good at mopping as the newest Roborock S5 Max I have tested. It does have water level speed control but the way water tank builds does not make it as good. While the Roborock is able to remove stains, the Ozmo 960 seems to drag the cloth without pressing it close to the floor. But the feature is still nice to have if you manually mop your floors once in a while.

Also, the DEEBOTs are known for the ability to avoid carpets in mopping mode. Not sure how accurate it works but the manufacturer claims, the robot recognizes carpets and avoids them in mopping mode. It also boosts suction on carpet when sweeping. I would suggest setting no-go zones anyway or at least once we know for sure it works as good as no-go zones.

For those who love quiet robots, there is great news! The Ozmo 960 might be the quietest robot vacuum on the market that has strong suction making 60 dB of noise. I personally love that it is so quiet, you barely notice it when its around.

In the box with the regular cleaning brush, you will find a suction inlet, though the Ozmo 960 handles hair just fine no matter the brush or inlet is attached.

How does the AI work?

The robot navigates by using the LDS laser, which does not need lights to create a map. The camera recognizes small objects but it needs the light to be on so make sure you leave it on when running the robot.

When the OZMO gets closer to an object, the camera scans it and lets the robot know what is in the front so it will avoid going there although I have read that the object needs to be right in front of the robot to see it properly. The 960 will carefully avoid the objects instead of bumping into it. Compared to the previous Ozmo 950, the newest model does know what is in the front while the 950 just hits into it. Great news for pet owners, huh?

To conclude

The DEEBOT OZMO 960 looks like a decent product but the price might be a bit high for most people. At $1,000+ you get a great vacuum but not as good mopping, smart features many cheaper robots have, and AI that is not something you want to pay that much for.

The OZMO 960 leaves me a bit confused. On one hand, it performs flawlessly on carpet, handles pet hair good, has carpet avoidance in mopping mode and boost in vacuuming mode, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. On the other hand, its cost is higher than the average, it can recognize objects but does it worth that much?

What do you think about the first AI-powered robot vacuum?


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