Xiaomi Released The First 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum - MiJia 1C

Xiaomi has launched a budget robot vacuum the MiJia 1C. It is already available to buy for ~$260 on Gearbest.

What we know so far?

The MiJia 1C is the first robot vacuum in the model line which either can vacuum and mopping at the same time. The robot comes equipped with a 200 ml water tank with a smart water control (well, it is called smart but as far as I understand, it has a switch on the tank that can be toggled manually).

On top of the robot there is a visual sensor (camera) that is matched with the dual gyroscope and the optical flow sensor with multiple auxiliary positioning to create a high-precious map. Lacks of Lidar gives the robot an opportunity to go under most furniture with a shorter body of 8.2 cm (3.22 in) compared to 9.4 cm (3.7 in) of the latest Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM.

The 1C is equipped with a 2,400 mAh battery that can last up to 40 minutes on one charge (equivalent to 60 square meters or 645 square feet). Not a lot but.... The new Xiaomi robot delivers the whole 2,500 Pa of suction. The most powerful Xiaomi robots have 2,100 Pa which is already impressive. Also, the new MiJia has a 2 cm (0.8 in) climbing ability which is more than any of its siblings can cross.

The Xiaomi MiJia 1C is safe for people with allergy because of the HEPA filter. The robot has a fairly large 600 ml dustbin and is suitable for pet owners.

So far the robot is not compatible with Alexa or Google Home. It is also not the quietest, it makes about 72 dB of noise when working.

What is the Xiaomi MiJia 1C best for?

  1. Small homes. With 40 minutes of battery life, the 1C is perfect for smaller places.
  2. Pet owners. A big dustbin holds more pet hair.
  3. Homes with carpets. 2,500 Pa of suction and a good climbing ability makes the robot ideal for carpet flooring.
  4. Places with some bare flooring area. With a 200 ml water tank, the Xiaomi can mop your floors for about 50-60 minutes.
  5. Considering the price, the Xiaomi MiJia 1C is a great budget pick for those who need extra power and the ability to mop bare floors.

What do you think of this budget robot vacuum? Is it worth the price?


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  1. Gerry
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    Hi Natalie, do you know if the robot (without Lidar System) works in the dark enviroment?

    1. Natalie Red
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      Camera-guided robots need light to be on if you want it to build a map but it can work in the dark too without building a map. Cleaning results will not be as efficient but in theory, it can do so with no lights on.
    2. Gerry
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      Thx in advance


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