The new 360 X90 Announced!

360 company which products we have tested released the newest robot vacuum - X90. It's coming to the China market at a price of 2,499 yuan ($353).

360 x90 robot vacuum cleaner
360 x90 robot vacuum cleaner

The new model is equipped with both Laser and SLAM algorithm to build a high-precious map. There are 24 types of sensors housed all over the body. 

The new model has a 5,200 mAh battery and can last up to 3 hours which is equivalent to 300 square meters on one charge.

It supports virtual walls and virtual mopping walls, your carpets will be safe with the X90. Apart from this, the 360 have zoned cleaning, selected room cleaning and scheduling. It is capable of storing multiple maps and climb a 20 mm (0.8 in) obstacle.

360 x90 on hardwood floor

The robot is coming with a remote control in the box for those who find it easier to use the physical controller other than the app. 

The water dripping level can be chosen via the app and it is the first robot from 360 that has this option. The robot can work up to 100 min in mopping mode.

The robot delivers 2,200 Pa of suction making it is the most powerful model in the line.

Overall the 360 X90 looks like the 360 S7 with some improvements such as stronger suction power, additional SLAM system and water leaking control.

Side note: we don't know if the X90 will be officially selling on the US or European market, but we do hope it will since the features looks promising.


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