Puppyoo R6 - 4 Hours Of Battery Life For Under $400


The Puppyoo R6 is going to be on sale soon, for now the indigogo campain is running and will be ended in 6 days. So what the Puppyoo R6 offers for the price of ~$399

The new robot vacuum supposed to work up to 4 hours on one charge which is equivalent to 3,230 square feet or ~300 square meters. It is equipped with a 6,400 mAh battery which beats the Roborock S6 battery, that was the largest in the industry with runtime of 2.5 hours. 

The cleaner delivers 2,000 Pa of suction, has 2 side cleaning brushes and aside of sweeping, it also can mop.

Navigation: SLAM + Lidar

We have seen a similar mapping system in the Xiaomi MiJia 1S. The mix of a camera and LDS laser promises to built a high-precious map. The same as the Roborock, you can track the R6 movements in real-time. 

Google Home & Alexa support

The Puppyoo R6 is promised to be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home which is great for those who want the robot to be a part of a smart home eco-system. 


The robot vacuum is equipped with a soft bumper which would be safe for furniture, a bunch of cliff and anti-collision sensors to prevent it from falling down the stairs and would help to recognize obstacles and also has a wall sensor which keeps the robot close to the wall/obstacle but not too close so the robot won't touch them. 

Also, it would be able to recognize carpeted surface by boosting suction to provide maximum pickup on carpet. 

Noise Level 

The R6 is claimed to be quiet by making around 65 dB of noise which is not the quietest but compared to the Roomba 980 or a Neato that make about 70 dB, the Puppyoo's 5 db difference will make a difference. 


There is not much info about the app functionality. It will support zoned cleaning and restricted zones but so far it seems like not having a selected room cleaning feature which lets the robot clean a certain room. 

To conclude: the Puppyoo R6 is not the best robot vacuum on the market but either is not bad. I would say it is better than average but it does not bring too much on the table. It has the same features many of the LDS-based robots already have, lacks some of the options robots in this price range supports, etc. Yes, it has a larger battery in the industry which might be important for someone who live in a very big house, but the Roborock gives up to 150 minutes of battery life and I have never heard any complains from anyone who would not find it enough to cover the whole area before the robot needs to recharge. It is not the quietest, nor the most powerful robot vacuum in the market so still hard to say something about this model. Maybe it will get a software update which bring some options we have not seen before? 

What do you think about the Puppyoo R6?


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