Self-emptying robot vacuums compared: Roomba i7+, Roomba s9+ and Shark IQ

This year iRobot released two newest models with innovative technology - automatic dirt disposal. The Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ come with a special charging dock that empties the robot's dustbin when it finished cleaning. It's a nice feature to have for those who have a big house with pets, but these robot vacuums are quite expensive, and some people just don't want to pay such money for these devices. 

In October 2019, another robot vacuum cleaners manufacturer, SharkNinja, released its own robot vacuum, the Shark IQ R101AE, with very similar self-emptying technology, and it costs half of the price as the Roomba, but is it as good as the Roomba i7/S9? I decided to compare all three models, the Shark IQ R101AE, Roomba s9+, and Roomba i7+ so you can see the differences between them and can make a decision on which one better suits your needs.

Video made by Vacuum Wars

Shark IQ R101AE vs. Roomba i7+ vs. Roomba s9+ comparison chart 

Features Shark IQ R101AE
Shark IQ R101AE
Roomba i7+
Roomba i7+
Roomba s9+
Roomba s9+
Mapping Technology Camera-based Camera-based Camera-based
Dirt detect No Yes Yes
Noise level 70 dB 68 dB 72 dB
Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant support Yes Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Keep-out zones No Yes Yes
Roller brush type Combined rubber & bristle brush Dual rubber brush Dual rubber brush
Carpet cleaning performance 83 79 96
Airflow power 20 CFM 16 CFM 22 CFM
Base container type Bagless Bagged Bagged
Running time (on low power) 60 min 75 min 120 min
Recharge and resume Yes Yes Yes
Amazon price $479.99 $799.99 $1399.99

As you can see in the comparison table above, all three models have a lot in common; however, there are a few significant differences. As Robot Master mentioned in his video, the Shark IQ needs to clean the entire house more than 10 times before you can see the map in the app. Also, according to Vacuum Wars tests, the Shark IQ has slightly worse cleaning performance on carpets than the Roomba s9+, but better than the Roomba i7. It can run up to 60 minutes on one charge when the Roomba i7 and s9 can work 75 and 120 minutes, respectively. 

The Roomba i7 and s9+ have a great feature called "Keep-out zones," which allows you to restrict the robot from going to specific areas in your house. Thanks to the dirt detect function, both Roombas can recognize dirty areas and clean these places more carefully.

The Shark IQ has a bagless dock, which means you don't need to buy disposable bags. You can find the differences between docks in the Robot Masters video below.



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