The New Dyson 360 Heurist: Unique Features or More Things To Improve?

The new Dyson 360 Heurist is a unique model on the market that does and does not look like the robot vacuums we used to know at the same time.

One of the things to notice — its charging base that is sleek, slim, and foldable and it looks really minimalist and does not take a lot of space in terms of storing the vacuum.
It is taller than most robot but at the same time smaller in diameter.

This shape has pros and cons. The Dyson can navigate around most obstacles without getting stuck, but at the same time, it's tall enough to not fit under every furniture in the house.

It does not have wheels, it has tank tracks which is not the usual thing. One of the things we have never seen before — the LED lights around the camera sitting on top. The primary issue with the camera is that those robots cannot map in the dark and always need light to be on to create one. The Dyson's lights solved this problem, and now the robot can «see» in the dark. The lights brighten the room depending on how much lights the area needs for the robot to understand it's location. When the light is on, the LED lights turn off.

The manufacturer claims the robot to be twice more powerful than any robot vacuum and the crevice test shows amazing results. In fact, the best in the industry.

The cleaning brush is wider than most brushes and locates very close to the ground, which, along with strong suction, allow the robot to provide deeper cleaning on carpets. The close-to-the-ground cleaning brush also does a great job at picking up things, even the debris such as cereals which is a bit unusual. But because of Dyson's patterned cyclone bagless system, this debris stuck inside, and you have to clean it every once in a while. There's a clog system indicator that informs where you need to clean the machine.

The navigation pattern is also unique, the robot moves in small square shapes instead of back-in-forth steps other mapping cleaners do. Though it does not stop the Dyson from covering the whole area. The one thing to mention: it takes too long for the vacuum to finish one room and considering its battery life, I might conclude that the Dyson 360 Heurist was not designed for big homes.

The app allows creating certain zones and order the Heurist to clean them, and this is the first camera-based robot vacuum that supports this feature. The iRobot Roombas i7+ and s9+ only have keep-out zones (virtual block-offs), and the Dyson's blocked zones seem to be more accurate. You can create the zones, name and save them, in addition, to make the robot work there further. Another new option — adjusting some settings depending on how you want the robot to adapt in this area including «Avoid area» option, «No brush bar» which turns off the roller spinning in this zone, and «No climb» that would not make robot adjusting its height while working within the area.

The machine is great with collecting pet and human hair, it's not the best but better than average in the business. However, because of it being close to the floor, the robot might get tassels from some rugs.

Because of its size, the cleaner has a small 330 ml dustbin that again, does not make the robot suitable for homes with pets.

This model is not going to be on sale in the US anytime soon because it was designed for some types of homes, but apparently, Dyson is working on another model that would be more suitable for the US houses.

To conclude: the Dyson 360 Heurist is a robot vacuum that leaves me confused. It has some fresh ideas other models do not have, but on the other hand, these new features have some cons such as long time to take when cleaning bigger areas, a taller body that cannot fit under most couches, and the bagless system that gets clogged with big debris. It is expensive, you will have to spend $1,200 to get one which is something to consider. The Dyson is not suitable for big homes, and because of its small container, it is not the best for those who have pets with long fur. In fact, I can't say what the Heurist is good for. To answer this, let's keep in mind that this robot was designed for the Japanese market too and there are different styles of homes, so maybe the Dyson 360 is ideal for Japan?

I have mixed feelings about this machine. Do you think the Dyson 360 Heurist can compete with the same price Roomba i7+?


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