Is the self-emptying Shark IQ R101AE Roomba i7+ Killer?

Not so long ago Shark has released the Shark IQ R101AE (RV1001AE) which you can get for $479.99 on Amazon. The same as the Roomba i7+, the Shark comes equipped with a self-emptying charging base and costs half of the Roomba's price. Some things are pretty excited such as the new anti-tangle cleaning brush solution! The brush itself looks unique, it cuts off the hair and sends it right into the dustbin, which makes the robot ideal for pet owners and those who have long hair. The robot is equipped with a camera to build a layout of the cleaning area and does it pretty well. The self-emptying charging base looks similar to the one we've seen in the latest Roombas before. The dock holds up to 30 robot's bins, but it does not have a bag, to throw away debris, you can empty it by simple action, and the dust will fall off.

The robot shows great results at deep cleaning carpets, we think the roller causes it though one of the downsides of the robot - battery life. The Shark lasts up to 60 minutes which makes this robot not suitable for big homes since nobody wants it to clean a place for the whole day by waiting until it recharges to finish the job. Because of the new anti-tangle design, hair goes straight into the dustbin so you don't have to clean the brush and this might be one of the best solutions for pet hair on the market.

The video review made by Vacuum Wars

To conclude: the Shark IQ R101AE is a great budget alternative to the Roomba i7+ with the included self-emptying charging dock and effective self-cleaning brushroll design. Not really suitable for bigger homes but is good for small and average houses. Mapping gives more efficiency to the cleaning, so the robot won't miss a single spot when vacuuming. All in all, the Shark IQ is a great robot vacuum for small to average homes with pets and some carpets, especially for those who don't want to empty the dustbin after every cleaning cycle.


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  1. Ben
    #      +1
    This looks like a great alternative however I have a Xiaomi robot with a similar brush system. It is excellent at picking up everything except my partner's VERY thick long black hair.

    Does the dog hair, crumbs, dust etc very well but thick human hair will clog the brush.

    Otherwise this looks like an excellent self emptying alternative to Roomba!
    1. Natalie Red
      #      0
      I am not sure how the Shark would perform in your case but in this video, it was great at handling pet hair. The brush does not look like the one in the Xiaomi or Roborock so it might work better with thick long hair.
      Doesn't your robot pick up hair on carpet only or it can't handle hair even on bare floor?


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