The Roborock vs. Neato app in-depth overview: which one is more convenient?

Let's have a look at the Neato and Roborock apps overview made by Jamie Andrews. They both have many similar features, but also some things are more convenient to use in one or another. Let's see what the main differences between the two and what I wish both of them to have in the future are. 

Neato app in-depth overview

Roborock app in-depth overview

  1. Real-time tracking. The Neato shows a cleaned area when it's done the vacuuming while you can track the Roborock from the moment it starts cleaning. You cannot either see the cleaning path in the Neato app.
  2. Multiple zone select. The Neato does not support more than one room selecting whether you want it to clean or schedule there. The Roborock supports both.
  3. Room naming. You can rename rooms with the Neato, but you can not do so with the Roborock.
  4. The Roborock shows a map on the main menu, which is more convenient, in my opinion.
  5. Room cleaning. The Roborock divides a map into separate rooms automatically; with the Neato, you have to do it manually. 
  6. Room dividing. With the Neato app, you can draw a rectangle to create separate zones while the Roborock allows you to merge or divide the zones by drawing a tape.
  7. No-Go Lines in the Neato app can be set by drawing the lines. The Roborock allows drawing the lines and rectangles to create zones where the robot should not go.
  8. The Roborock app supports zoned cleaning, restricted areas, and selected room cleaning. The Neato has no-go lines, zoned cleaning, which is also a room cleaning, although you can't choose more that one room to clean.
  9. Spot cleaning. The Neato has an option that allows cleaning a small area. To do so, you have to place the robot to the place needed to be cleaned, and when it's done vacuuming, it will not return to the dock automatically, you have to do it manually. Since the Neato does not recognize its location, it can't go to the charging dock, it just doesn't know where it is. The Roborock can be sent to the spot by tapping on the map and start cleaning the spot with the spot mode, once it's done, the robot returns to the dock on its own since it understands its location which you can see on the map.
  10. Both can be controlled manually from the app.
  11. Scheduling by a zone can be set in one area only in the Neato app. The Roborock app supports multiple rooms schedules. 

I really wish Neato to add the multiple zones cleaning in the future. Also, I would love it to know where it is, it would help with spot cleaning and overall a nice feature to have because you always can check the Roborock location. Also, it is nice the Neato allows naming the rooms, I would love to see this feature in the Roborock app too.

What do you think of each app? Which one did you like better? 


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