Beware from whom you buy! GREAT MACHINE! [360 S6 Review]

I just bought a 360 S6 from a seemingly reputable dealer on-line. I live in the United States and said so in the order, but they sent me a Chinese version of the machine. Everything was Chinese, even the alert voice comments. I have contacted both the dealer and the seller (, I think. Neither seem interested in a return/replacement , so I guess I will keep the Chinese version, The problem is, I don't want to hear the Chinese talk from the machine, but you can not turn it off (volume can be adjusted to 10%, but that is still too loud).

I was able to download the app on my iPhone (in English), and download an English user manual, so I am using the device. It is a wonderful product and does an excellent job throughout the house. Does anyone know how to disable the Chinese voice mode. I really don't need it to talk to me. Great machine but the company may want to improve their marketing skills.

David M

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  1. Drei
    24 january 2019, 07:30
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    As long as it work, the Chinese voice is kinda cute:)

    Any errors or if it gets stuck, you get an app message in English anyhow.
    1. David Mashaw
      24 january 2019, 11:58
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      I love this machine, however, I would still like to have the English speaking version. Is there any chance that international version software can be downloaded through the app? Or, even the voice chip sent through the mail, so I can install it myself. Otherwise, I am going to try and make a trade with someone who wants the Chinese version and has an English version. If you know of anyone, let me know.



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    Hi Thomas, where did you buy the 360 S7 model? Thanks.
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    Thanks, D. Transocks works, and with latest S7 model.
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