Which One Is The Best: Deebot D7 Connected vs Roomba 980 Comparison

iRobot Roomba 980
Neato Botvac D7 Connected
Model iRobot Roomba 980Neato Botvac D7 Connected
Run time 120 min120 min
Suction Power 1700 PaN/A
Cleaning radius 185 m2 / 1991 ft2460 m2 / 4951 ft2
Dust bin capacity 600 ml700 ml
Noise Level 70 db64 db
Remote Control
Intelligent mapping
Wet mopping
For carpet
HEPA filter
Smartphone App
Virtual Walls
Smartphone App
LCD display
Amazon Alexa Support
Water Tank Capacity --
Battery Capacity 3000 mAhN/A
Charging time 120 min150 min
Barrier-cross height N/AN/A
Robot Weight 3.94 kg / 8.69 lbs3.5 kg / 7.72 lbs
Width 35.3 cm / 13.90 in33.6 cm / 13.23 in
Height 9.14 cm / 3.60 in10 cm / 3.94 in
Warranty 12 months12 months
Side brush
Where to buy Amazon $699.00
Amazon $799.00

iRobot Roomba 980 Review

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  • increases its suction power up to 10 times once the robot recognize carpet
  • new rubber tangle-free rollers work better on hardwood floors picking up pet hair, dust and dirt
  • can be managed by voice commands because of compatibility with Alexa and Google Home
  • performs on thin and medium-pile carpets well
  • with the Virtual Wall included it's easier to manage the robot to work in a specific areas


  • keeps getting stuck at the same places
  • the dustbin capacity is small making it getting full after each cleaning process
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Neato Botvac D7 Connected Review

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  • a large dustbin
  • the app allows creating virtual walls as much as you'd like
  • its cleaning brushes perform well on bare floor and carpeting surface
  • handles pet hair with ease
  • strong suction power collect dust, dirt and small debris
  • compatible with Alexa and Google Home


  • because of its shape, it gets stuck in tight places such as chair legs
  • made of high-quality plastic that is not durable to scratches
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Neato D7 Connected and Roomba 980 is the latest top-level robot vacuum cleaners.

What is similar between the two?

Both are coming with smart technology that helps to navigate around, create a map and build the most efficient path of cleaning.

Both have the strong suction power that provides picking up dust and dirt on carpets and hardwood floors. Neato and Roomba are compatible with Alexa and Google Home can be controlled via the apps or voice commands.

Both robots have recharge&resume feature.

Roomba 980 has the Dual Virtual Wall in the box while Neato app allows creating a virtual wall, needless to say, that almost all robots from Neato have magnetic stripes that keep devices from the place it shouldn't go.

Neither of them does thick carpets and rugs. If you have one of those in your place - expect your home assistant getting stuck. Fairly to notice, there is no robot vacuum on the market that would be able to clean high-pile carpets.

What is different?

Rubber rollers Roomba 980 come with are tangle-free that doesn't need to get rid of hair after every cleaning session. On the other hand, Neato's Spiral Combo brushes were designed for multi-flooring surfaces doing a good job of picking things up.

All the Neato's robots come with the D-shape for better corners cleaning and because of the shape, the machines get stuck in tight places. As well as Roomba 980 get stuck though.

Neato has a larger dustbin capacity. However, either Neato and Roomba's dust box is full of dust after one cleaning session so it needed emptying.

Roomba is louder than Neato.

What consumers complain about

If you have a big house be ready to wait before your robot vacuum will finish its job (we are talking about both machines here). With the recharge & resume function the device cleans in about an hour, then gets recharge which takes some time too, returns to finish its session which also takes some time.

Is it good or bad? Thanks to the app both robots have your home assistant could do its job while you're away, so who cares?

Lastly - the price. Roomba 980 is $100 more expensive than Neato D7 Connected. You can get the Roomba on Amazon for about $900, while Neato costs around $800.

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