Comparing the Roborock S5 vs. Viomi V2

Roborock S5

Roborock S5

SRR Score: 155

$471.99 Amazon

$365.99 GearBest

Viomi V2

Viomi V2

SRR Score: 146

$369.99 GearBest

Comparison Chart

  Main Features Roborock S5 Viomi V2
Mapping / Path planning yes yes
Mapping Sensor Type LDS LDS
High-Precision Map yes yes
Recharge & Resume yes yes
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes yes
Noise Level 68 db 69 db
LCD Display no no
Side Brushes (one or two) 1 pcs 1 pcs
Voice Prompts yes yes
  Cleaning Features
Suction Power 2000 Pa 2150 Pa
Сleaning Area 2691 ft2 / 250 m2 1938 ft2 / 180 m2
Recommended Home Size medium, big medium, big
Cleaning Modes quiet, balanced, turbo, max, zoned cleanup, carpet boost and three mopping modes N/A
Dustbin Capacity 480 ml 550 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal no no
Wet Mopping yes yes
Water Tank Capacity 140 ml 560 ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.79 in / 20 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm
HEPA Filter yes yes
Washable Filter yes yes
Сarpet Floor Types low-pile, medium-pile low-pile, meium-pile
Bare Floor Types hardwood, tile, laminate, vynil, marble tile, ceramic ceramic tile, marble tile, vynil, laminate, linoleum, wood
Battery Capacity 5200 mAh 3200 mAh
Run time 150 min 120 min
Charging Time 240 min 300 min
Rated Power (Watts) 58 W 33 W
Scheduling yes yes
IR Remote Control no no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes yes
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa Support yes yes
Google Assistant Support yes no
Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls yes no
  App Features
Real-time tracking yes yes
Digital Blocked Area yes yes
Zoned cleaning yes yes
Multi-floor maps no no
Manual movement control yes yes
Selected Room Cleaning no yes
Carpet Boost yes no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes yes
Dirt Detect no no
Full Bin Indicator no no
Other Specifications
Robot Weight 7.72 lbs / 3.5 kg 7.28 lbs / 3.3 kg
Robot Width 13.78 in / 35 cm 13.78 in / 35 cm
Robot Height 3.78 in / 9.6 cm 3.74 in / 9.5 cm
In the box adapter, charging dock, water tank, mopping pad, English user manual sweeping robot, charging Dock, main brush cleaning tool, power cable
Warranty 12 months 12 months

Both models perform great on thin and thick carpets, mop bare flooring, safe for those who suffer from an allergy and asthma. 

The Roborock and Viomi support restricted areas and zoned cleaning, both options are essential if you want to prevent a vacuum from crossing some areas or make it work in a particular zone. 

Each of them is equipped with the LDS laser that scans the area, creating an accurate plan of the cleaning area. 

Why buying the Roborock S5? 

  1. Longer battery life. If you live in a big house, you might want a robot that works longer before it needs to recharge.
  2. Carpet boost. If you have occasional carpets/rugs, the Roborock would be better. You don't have to switch between cleaning modes manually to get extra power.
  3. Noise. If noises distract you, the Roborock would be better in your case.
  4. You own an Alexa-enabled device or Google Home.

Why buying the Viomi V2?

  1. You live in a house with no carpets. The large water tank covers more until it gets dry.
  2. You want a robot vacuum with efficient mopping.

Our conclusion: which one to get?

The Viomi (Mi Home) app needs to be polished, it is raw and not user-friendly which makes the Viomi V2 not suitable for those who will be using the app as often. Though we hope Viomi will fix the app in the near future. 

The Mi Home app is more user-friendly and intuitive. 

We recently got a manometer and had measured how much Pa each of them delivers. The Roborock S5 shows 1,600 Pa on Max mode, the Viomi V2 has 1,250 Pa. Each of them might show more Pa if a filter is clean but we got these results. In real life, you will not notice the difference between the two except that maybe the Roborock roller gets less clogged than the Viomi’s brush. Both are great vacuum cleaners for carpet and even though the Viomi showed worse results at picking up sand on carpet during our test, you should keep in mind that it was an extreme condition.

Mopping is the area where the Viomi V2 shines. It has a bigger container and a more efficient path. In addition, the robot allows setting water flow volume in the app depending on your needs, however, we recommend setting it on high level. It is efficient, after cleaning one room (26.4 square meters), the water tank was still almost full, the robot spent about 40 minutes to mop it. The Viomi is not able to remove stubborn stains, but it is ideal for everyday cleaning and even some heavy jobs. If you are not sure about mopping results, you can set the Viomi to go over the same area twice in the app. So far we believe it is one of the best robot vacuum mop cleaners.

The Roborock S5 on the other hand, can do mopping and sweeping at the same time. The water tank slides underneath while the dustbox is inside the robot, so you don’t have to vacuum first while the Viomi has two separate containers. You can damp the mop cloth and attach the mopping accessories with the dustbox but you will have to dampen it every once in a while and it is more suitable for light jobs. 

To conclude: the Roborock is suitable for light mopping jobs but it can do sweeping and mopping at a time. The Viomi V2 is good for heavy mopping chores but it can not do both things at the same time.

The Roborock S5 runs for 110 minutes on high power settings and 150 min on low power settings. The Viomi gives you 90 minutes of continuous cleaning on max mode and 120 minutes on high mode. Both of them are suitable for medium to average homes but the Roborock S5 is ideal for large households. 

Also, keep in mind, the Viomi is not compatible with any smart voice assistant yet. The Roborock S5 identifies carpet and boosts suction once it steps on one thus saving battery energy. If you have many carpets, the Roborock S5 will be more efficient for you. And, the Roborock S5/S6 are the most efficient robot vacuums in terms of navigation so far.

We would recommend getting the Roborock if you have many carpets, live in a big home and have pets with long hair.

The Viomi V2 is more suitable for homes with mostly bare floor and is ideal as a robot mop.

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    Check out Viomi v2 pro. it can mop and vacuum same time or independent it have 3 tanks 1 for mop 2 for sweep 3- 2 in 1 water and dust box together. it support multi floors it have most options on roborock s6 plus water control and Y mopping like iRobot Braava 380t

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