Comparing Neato Botvac D5 Connected vs. Neato Botvac D6 Connected

Neato Botvac D5 Connected

Neato Botvac D5 Connected

SRR Score: 125

$429.99 Amazon

Neato Botvac D6 Connected

Neato Botvac D6 Connected

SRR Score: 114

$699.99 Amazon

Comparison Chart

  Main Features Neato Botvac D5 Connected Neato Botvac D6 Connected
Mapping / Path planning yes yes
Mapping Sensor Type LDS LDS
High-Precision Map yes yes
Recharge & Resume yes yes
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes yes
Noise Level 64 db 64 db
LCD Display no yes
Side Brushes (one or two) 1 pcs 1 pcs
Voice Prompts no no
  Cleaning Features
Suction Power 2000 Pa N/A
–°leaning Area 1184 ft2 / 110 m2 1292 ft2 / 120 m2
Dustbin Capacity 700 ml 700 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal no no
Wet Mopping no no
Water Tank Capacity - -
Barrier-cross Height 0.75 in / 19 mm 0.75 in / 19 mm
HEPA Filter yes no
Washable Filter no no
Battery Capacity 4200 mAh N/A
Run time 90 min 120 min
Charging Time 150 min 150 min
Rated Power (Watts) 45 W 61 W
Scheduling yes yes
IR Remote Control no no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes yes
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa Support yes yes
Google Assistant Support yes yes
Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls yes yes
  App Features
Real-time tracking no no
Digital Blocked Area yes yes
Zoned cleaning no no
Multi-floor maps yes yes
Manual movement control no yes
Selected Room Cleaning no no
Carpet Boost no no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes yes
Dirt Detect no no
Full Bin Indicator no yes
Other Specifications
Robot Weight 7.50 lbs / 3.4 kg 7.50 lbs / 3.4 kg
Robot Width 12.40 in / 31.5 cm 12.56 in / 31.9 cm
Robot Height 3.94 in / 10 cm 3.90 in / 9.9 cm
In the box charging base, adapter, cleaning tool, user guide, extra filter, magnetic stripe charge base, power cord, spiral combo brush, spide brush, ultra performance filter, brush and filter cleaning tool, boundary marker
Warranty 12 months 12 months

When it comes to choosing the right robot vacuum cleaner, it is always challenging to pick up the best one. A lot of people stuck with a Roomba because they know it. What if we tell you that there are other Roomba alternatives that can compete with a Roomba in terms of cleaning performance? Let's talk about the best Roomba robot cleaners and flagship DEEBOT robot vacuums and what are the differences between them.

Roomba vs DEEBOT comparison chart

Features Roomba 960 Roomba 980 Roomba i7 ECOVACS Deebot 901 ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 930
Runtime (min) 75 120 75 110 110
Carpet Boost no yes yes no yes
Dustbin capacity (ml) 600 600 378 350 450
Filter type HEPA HEPA washable HEPA HEPA HEPA
Mapping technology camera camera camera laser laser
Recharge & Resume yes yes yes yes yes
Noise level (dB) 65 70 N/A 67 65
Cleaning brush type double silicone rollers double silicone rollers double silicone rollers bristled brush; suction inlet bristled brush; suction inlet
Dirt Detect yes yes yes no no
Mopping no no no no yes
Full Bin indicator yes yes yes no no
Clean and Schedule by Room (Zone) no no yes yes yes
Save created map no no yes yes yes
Manual drive control no no yes yes yes
Virtual Wall Barrier physical physical physical digital digital
Scheduling yes yes yes yes yes
Amazon Alexa/Google Home support yes yes yes yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

Dirt Detect

It is a system that recognizes high-traffic areas and makes a Roomba run over the spot providing deep cleaning.

Clean by zone

Cleaning by zone helps a robot to work on a particular area automatically without placing manually in the room you want to be vacuumed.

In the Roomba i7, it is implemented by naming each room after the robot has created a map. When each room has a name, you are able to schedule the robot to work in a particular zone.

Deebot has two ways to work in a chosen zone: prioritizing area and customizing zone. When the map is created, you can choose which room to clean first or draw a rectangle where you want the robot to clean.

Virtual wall

Roomba comes with a physical, virtual wall barrier that keeps a robot from crossing a room where it shouldn't be.

In the ECOVACS app, you can create as many digital virtual walls as you want by drawing a rectangle on a map.

Roomba is limited by the amount of virtual wall barrier in the box. With the ECOVACS app, you can set many digital block-offs.


Only the Deebot Ozmo 930 comes with mopping feature. Please note that this feature will not replace the actual manual mopping and is not able to get rid of stubborn stains though it is excellent to use when you have no time to clean the bare floor.

Carpet identification

This option is able to identify carpet flooring boosting suction power to max level automatically.

It helps to deep clean carpets with no effort from your side. The robot does it on its own.

Floor type recognizing

The Ozmo 930 is able to recognize where there are carpets or bare floors. You can see it on your phone. It helps a lot when you mop your floors.

Thanks to the carpet identification, the Ozmo 930 does not go over carpets when mopping leaving it untouched. We didn't see anything like that before.

Cleaning brush

Roomba uses counter-rotating silicone tangle-free rollers that are perfect for pet hair. The brushless design is virtually maintenance-free.

The Deebot 901 and Ozmo 930 are equipped with one bristled brush for carpet cleaning and a suction inlet that solves the hair wrapping issue most of the robots face. If you don't want to spend time cleaning the main brush, just insert the inlet and let the robot clean.

Battery life & continuous cleaning

Each of the robots here resumes cleaning after its battery is recharged. It happens if the vacuum cleans a big house and is not able to finish the job before it needs to recharge.

The Roomba 960 and i7 is great for small and medium houses. It can clean a large home as well, the cleaner will spend more time on recharging and resuming.

The Roomba 980 and Deebot 901, Ozmo 930 are ideal for large homes. They last for about two hours which is enough to cover a big area.

Mapping technology

Mapping helps the robot to remember your home layout so it will not miss any spot when cleaning. A computer inside receives information from sensors that scan a cleaning area and build a plan of the room. After the map has created, the vacuum calculates the most efficient way of cleaning on its own. The robot follows the map methodically cleaning until its battery needs to recharge. When it's done charging, the cleaner gets back to the point it left off (thanks to the created map, it knows where it stopped working).

There are a few types of mapping technology.

Roomba robot cleaners are based on a camera sensor. Deebot vacuums use LIDAR (laser).

Both are good, but the LIDAR builds a more accurate map and does not need a light on when the robot is cleaning.

Roomba cannot work in the dark and has ussies with cleaning dark shade carpets.

Bare floor performance

Since we are talking about high-end robots, they all perform great on bare floors. There is no difference when it comes to bare floor cleaning. The Deebot Ozmo 930 also can mop, not only sweep.

Carpet cleaning performance

The difference in cleaning performance between the Roomba and Deebot hides in carpet cleaning.

Roomba is known by its cleaning performance. Every Roomba handles thin and medium-pile carpets with easy. The carpet boost that is presented in the Roomba 980 and i7 makes it easier for an owner to deep clean carpet flooring. The robots are excellent in terms of pet hair cleaning.

On the other hands, the Deebot cleaners work great on thin carpets handling pet and long human hair with ease thanks to the carpet identification and suction inlet.

Read more about the best robot vacuums produced by iRobot and what are the main differences between Roomba 960, 980 and i7.

Roomba 960

Roomba 960 budget smart robot vacuum worth buying

The Roomba 960 is still a champ when it comes to pet hair and carpet cleaning.

If you are not ready to spend some extras on the Roomba 980 or i7, the Roomba 960 would be a good choice in case you want to stick with iRobot.

It is equipped with a HEPA filter that is good for people with allergies.

With mapping, strong suction and tangle-free rollers, the Roomba 960 is a decent robot vacuum cleaner to buy in 2019.

Roomba 980

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is basically the same Roomba 960 with more extended lasting battery, stronger suction and carpet boost.

It cleans carpets deeper thanks to the stronger motor and carpet identification. The Roomba 980 boost its suction power to max level once it recognizes carpet flooring.

The battery lasts about 120 minutes which makes the cleaner suitable for bigger households. The Roomba 980 is perfect for medium and big homes with pets and mostly carpeted flooring.

Roomba i7

Roomba i7 the newest Roomba robot vacuum

The Roomba i7 is the never robot vacuum cleaner in the iRobot family.

The cleaner is able to store up to 10 different floor maps. In the map, you can name each room after the robot has created it. When it's done, you can schedule the Roomba i7 to clean a particular place you've chosen.

The cleaner is equipped with a washable dustbin (previous models had a container that couldn't be washed with water).

Also, you can get the Roomba i7+ which is the same i7 with a clean base automatic dirt disposal. It is automatically emptying into an enclosed, disposable bag that holds 30 robot bins.

The Roomba i7 is ideal for small and medium-sized houses. Thanks to the brushless rollers, the cleaner works great when it comes to picking up pet hair. Ideal for households with carpet flooring.


ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 is one of the best budget robot vacuum cleaner in the industry for pet hair

It is one of the cheapest smart robot vacuum cleaners on the market that is equipped with the LIDAR mapping. It has two side sweepers that catch dirt and dust from corners and edges, send it to the main brush (inlet) where the motor sucks it up to the dustbin.

The DEEBOT 901 is the shortest robot cleaner with LIDAR. The laser is located inside the tower that makes robots taller than those that use other mapping systems. The DEEBOT 901 9.5 cm body makes it fit under most furniture.

The ECOVACS app is featured with some cool options such as setting digital block offs, customizing areas and prioritizing zones. You can set the robot to clean a specific area, block it from crossing some rooms and command it to work in a saying living room first.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 is ideal for homes with some area rugs and carpets and pet owners. Thanks to the suction inlet you will not have any issues with hair wrapping and the main brush helps to clean thin carpets agitating dust and dirt and sending it to the dustbin. Suitable for medium and big houses.

DEEBOT Ozmo 930

DEEBOT Ozmo 930 the great high-end robot vacuum cleaner you can get for about $500

The DEEBOT Ozmo 930 is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the industry featured with the LIDAR, smart navigation and mopping.

The Ozmo 930 has all the same features as the Deebot 901 does plus mopping and carpet identification.

In the app, you can see how the Ozmo 930 recognized carpets and bare floor which helps the robot to avoid carpeted surface when mopping. And, you can set the level of water dripping so your floors will not be too dry or wet.

The DEEBOT Ozmo 930 is slightly taller than the DEEBOT 901 yet still can fit under most of furniture. Thanks to the LIDAR it does not have any issues with working on dark carpets and is able to clean in the complete dark.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT Ozmo 930 is perfect for medium and large homes with bare floors and thin carpets. The robot vacuum is suitable for pet owners because of its suction inlet.

What are the main differences between Roomba and ECOVACS DEEBOT?

  1. The Roomba uses silicone tangle-free rollers; the DEEBOT is equipped with a bristled brush and suction inlet. Both are suitable for pet hair
  2. Mapping technology they use is different. Roomba maps with a camera sensor, the DEEBOT uses a laser
  3. The Roomba has a physical virtual wall barrier in the box; the ECOVACS app allows to create as many block offs as you want
  4. iRobot Home app is basic. All you can do is to manage robot's movements (the Roomba i7 only), schedule the robot, watch cleaning history and switch between cleaning modes. The ECOVACS app allows us to track the DEEBOT in real time, set digital blocked areas, prioritize where to clean first, customize cleaning zones, schedule the vacuum, switch between modes, and manage cleaner movements. With the Ozmo 930, you can set water level dripping and see a type of surface in the app
  5. Only the DEEBOT Ozmo 930 has mopping
  6. The Roomba has one side sweeper, the DEEBOT is equipped with two
  7. The Roomba has dirt detect
  8. The Roomba comes with a full dust bin indicator
  9. The DEEBOT performs a little bit better on bare floor and works as good as the Roomba on thin carpets. The Roomba works well on medium-pile carpets
  10. The Roomba 960 and i7 is better for small homes; the Roomba 980, DEEBOT 901 and Ozmo 930 are suitable for bigger households
  11. Price. The DEEBOT is cheaper than the budget Roomba 960 and twice less expensive than the Roomba 980 and i7.

What is the best: Roomba or DEEBOT?

When it comes to cleaning pet hair, both - Roomba and DEEBOT work great except if you have medium-pile carpets, the Roomba will do the job better.

The Roomba 960 and i7 are better for small and medium-sized homes. They are able to cover a bigger area though it will take more time to finish.

If your home is all about carpeted surface, go with a Roomba. Although, the DEEBOT performs great on thin carpets too.

As for additional accessories, you can find them on Amazon for Roomba and DEEBOT.

The ECOVACS app offers more when it comes to specifying some areas to clean or not clean. Also, you can interact with the map created by a DEEBOT.

If you want the one with mopping - go with the ECOVACS DEEBOT Ozmo 930.

In case your home has dark shades carpets - the DEEBOT would be able to clean them while the Roomba wouldn't.

Last but not least - the DEEBOT is cheaper. If you are tight on budget - the ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 or Ozmo 930 are great robot vacuum cleaners to buy in 2019.

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