PureClean PUCRC95

Made by PureClean

Rating:   SRR Score: 26


PureClean PUCRC95 Features

  Main Features
Mapping / Path planning no
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
Noise Level 60 db
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 2 pcs
Voice Prompts no
  Cleaning Features
Suction Power 500 Pa
–°leaning Area 1292 ft2 / 120 m2
Recommended Home Size small
Cleaning Modes auto, spiral, edge, zig-zag
Dustbin Capacity 300 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal no
Wet Mopping yes
Water Tank Capacity -
Barrier-cross Height 0.59 in / 15 mm
HEPA Filter no
Washable Filter no
–°arpet Floor Types low-pile
Bare Floor Types laminate, linoleum, tiles, vynil, wood
Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
Run time 90 min
Charging Time 240 min
Rated Power (Watts) 20 W
Scheduling yes
IR Remote Control yes
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App no
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands N/A
Amazon Alexa Support no
Google Assistant Support no
Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls no
Carpet Boost no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator no
Other Specifications
Robot Weight 8.82 lbs / 4 kg
Robot Width 11.81 in / 30 cm
Robot Height 3.07 in / 7.8 cm
In the box charging station, remote control, mopping attachment, detachable sweep brushes, adapter
Warranty 12 months

Product Description

PureClean PUCRC95 is a budget robot vacuum cleaner with basic features this kind of device should've equipped with. It has two sweepers located on each side that supposed to catch dirt and dust and transfer it to the dustbin where its motor suck it inside. This model does not have a main cleaning brush which causes hair tangled all over it so you don't need to worry about cleaning it after every operation. HEPA filtration system gets rid of the smallest particulars in the air that cause allergies and asthma. The unit is equipped with navigation sensors that prevent it from falling and avoid obstacles on its way. PureClean PUCRC95 performs great on a hardwood floor, tile, marble etc. It handles pet hair and can sweep large debris and loose dirt/hair on thin carpets but don't do deep cleaning on carpeting surface. The robot is ideal for a small home with pets and with no or a few rug areas. When it has done its job, PUCRC95 automatically returns to its dock.

Consumers complain that this unit gets stuck which happens even with expensive ones. Also, do not expect it to deep clean your thin carpet, this thing was designed mostly to work on bare floors.

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