Alfawise V8S PRO E30B

Alfawise V8S PRO E30B

Made by Alfawise

Rating:   SRR Score: 84


Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Features

  Main Features
Mapping / Path planning yes
Mapping Sensor Type gyroscope
High-Precision Map no
Objects recognition (front camera) no
Recharge & Resume no
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
Noise Level 65 db
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 2 pcs
Voice Prompts no
  Cleaning Features
Suction Power 1800 Pa
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2 / 150 m2
Dustbin Capacity 600 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal no
Wet Mopping yes
Electric water flow control N/A
Water Tank Capacity 350 ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.59 in / 15 mm
HEPA Filter yes
Washable Filter no
Battery Capacity 2500 mAh
Run time 120 min
Charging Time 300 min
Rated Power (Watts) 30 W
Scheduling yes
IR Remote Control yes
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa Support yes
Google Assistant Support yes
Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls no
  App Features
Real-time tracking N/A
Digital Blocked Area no
Zoned cleaning no
Multi-floor maps no
Manual movement control yes
Selected Room Cleaning no
No-mop zones no
Carpet Boost no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator no
Other Specifications
Robot Weight 5.95 lbs / 2.7 kg
Robot Width 12.99 in / 33 cm
Robot Height 2.99 in / 7.6 cm
In the box charging dock, adapter, remote control (2 batteries included), cleaning tool, 2 extra side brushes, extra HEPA filter, mop cloth, water tank
Release Date April, 2019
Warranty 12 months

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  1. R
    #      0
    Manual movement control --> in app: yes, pilot: yes
    Charging time (from 0/20 to 100% ~ 5h)
    1. Michael Fisher
      #      0
      Thanks, fixed!
    2. Johanna
      #      0
      Hi, how to make the robot search for wifi? I cannot pair it…
      1. Michael Fisher
        #      0
        Hi Johanna,
        sorry, we have never tested this robot vacuum so I have no idea how to connect it. I would recommend you to contact Alfawise customer support:
        1. 1111111
          #      +1
          Turn on, double-click the power button
        2. Raquel
          #      0
          I saw this information on other site: " At the end of charging, the vacuum cleaner continues cleaning from the place where it was interrupted", but you say there is no «Recharge & Resume».

          Who´s correct?

          1. Michael Fisher
            #      0
            Can't find the information about this feature on the official Alfawise website, so I'm not sure.
          2. George
            #      +1
            Anyone tried it? Does it actually work or is it just another cheap chinese robot vacuum like the ones that sell for 20 USD (but without the «Smart» features)
            1. Natalie Red
              #      0
              I would not recommend Alfawise, they do not provide quality consumer support and the products the company produce are average including the V8s Pro imo.
              1. George
                #      0
                Have you tried it?
                Looking for a decent vaccum with smart features mainly for scheduling for ~200 usd
                1. Natalie Red
                  #      0
                  I have tried the Alfawise V8S which is not the worst for the price of $150 but definitely not for everyone. I have also a cordless vacuum the Alfawise AR182BLDC which stopped working after a few times of using and testing it. Something happens to a battery, it is not charging anymore and the company says they have nothing to do with this issue and I have to contact a seller I have got the vacuum from (the seller previously sent me to the manufacturer about this issue).

                  Answering your question: every robot vacuum that comes with a charging base supports scheduling.

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