360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Made by 360

Rating:   SRR Score: 117



360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

  Main Features
Mapping / Path planning yes
Mapping Sensor Type LDS
Recharge & Resume yes
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
Noise Level 55 db
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 2 pcs
Voice Prompts yes
  Cleaning Features
Suction Power 1800 Pa
–°leaning Area 2153 ft2 / 200 m2
Home Size medium, large
Cleaning Modes quiet, balanced, turbo, max, zoned cleanup, carpet boost
Dustbin Capacity 400 ml
Wet Mopping yes
Water Tank Capacity 150 ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.67 in / 17 mm
HEPA Filter yes
–°arpet Floor Types low-pile, medium-pile
Bare Floor Types ceramic tile, marble tile, vynil, laminate, linoleum, wood
Battery Capacity 3200 mAh
Runtime 90 min
Charging Time 150 min
Rated Power (Watts) 30 W
Scheduling yes
IR Remote Control no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes
Amazon Alexa Support no
Google Assistant Support no
Virtual Wall yes
  App Features
Digital Blocked Area yes
Zoned cleaning yes
Multi-floor maps yes
Manual movement control yes
Carpet Boost yes
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator no
Other Specifications
Robot Weight 7.72 lbs / 3.5 kg
Robot Width 13.78 in / 35 cm
Robot Height 3.94 in / 10 cm
In the box charging base, adapter, filter, water tank, mop, cleaning tool, English manual
Warranty 12 months

Product Description

The 360 S6 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is able to sweep and mop at the same time. It is equipped with the main brush that along with two side sweepers catches all the debris, dust and dirt and channels them into the dustbin. Inside the dust container, you will find a washable HEPA filter that is ideal for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

There is a tower located on the top of the lid. It houses the LDS laser inside that scans a cleaning area to create a map. The robot calculates the most efficient way of cleaning following the created map by moving in straight lines. When the machine is done, it returns to the dock station, recharge and resumes the session from the exact place it left (in case the battery ran out of energy faster than it had finished cleaning the whole house).

You can see the map on the app in real-time, track the 360 S6, where it has been and how much it took to get the job done. The 360 Smart app allows to set forbidden zones (space where you don't want the robot to go) and customize cleaning areas (where exactly you want the machine to clean). The 360 S6 stores up to 10 different floor plans which makes it ideal for multiple-level houses. If you place it manually to any room in your home, the robot will recognize where it is located.

The large wheels have no issues with crossing medium-pile carpets and thresholds up to 18 mm tall. The powerful motor sucks up pet hair, debris, and dirt from low and medium-pile carpets and rugs. Because of the mopping option, the 360 S6 is ideal for homes with bare floors, mixed and carpeted surfaces.


  • Supports zone cleaning
  • The app allows setting virtual block offs
  • Stores up to 10 different floor plans in memory
  • Suitable for multi-level houses
  • Is able to recognize its location in the map
  • LIDAR mapping and purposeful navigation make cleaning more efficient
  • Recharge & Resume makes the 360 S6 suitable for bigger homes
  • Strong suction, decent climbing ability, and carpet identification work together ensuring deep cleaning on thin and thicker carpets up to 17 mm height
  • Nevertheless the robot has strong suction, it is very quiet when vacuuming
  • Can mop and sweep at the same time
  • Suitable for both: hard floor and carpet flooring,


  • Is not compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home

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